Sportsday Productions produces and distributes sports television preview shows, post-game shows
live game broadcasts and other sports events for Television networks nationwide.

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SportsDay Productions, Inc. was launched in 1992 in Jacksonville, Florida. Originally a producer and distributor of local sports radio talk shows, SportsDay's first program was College Football This Week, a weekly Jacksonville talk radio show that aired for a 13-week period beginning on September 2, 1992.

In March 1993, SportsDay launched its first daily project, The Sports Fix Radio Show. Sports Fix aired daily during drive time on Jacksonville's WNZS 930 AM, a Clear Channel station which remains one of the nation's 15 longest-running all-sports radio stations. SportsDay continues to own and operate local radio shows in North Florida markets.

Five years after the inception of SportsDay, the company helped launch a sister company, SCC Sports Marketing, Inc. which entered it into the world of syndicated programming. SCC's first project was College Football Preview, a weekly, college-football based, hour-long talk show airing Thursday nights in an 11-state Southeastern region. College Football Preview was cleared on stations as far north as Lexington, Kentucky, as far south as West Palm Beach, Florida and as far west as Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A year later, SCC entered into the world of television production and distribution and has since produced television products for numerous regional sports networks including Sun Sports, Fox Sports Net, Comcast Sports Net, Cox Sports Television and many others. SCC-produced television products have aired in every time zone, from San Francisco and Sacramento, California through Chicago in the Midwest, Dallas and Houston in the Southwest, and throughout the deep South and all of Florida.

In 2006, SportsDay purchased the electronic division of SCC and assisted in the purchase of SCC's print division by Halex Publications, Inc. SportsDay and Halex, now comprised of former SCC partners, will continue to work together on various electronic and print projects.

From a company that was launched to produce one weekly local radio talk show, SportsDay has grown into a leader in the production and distribution of national and regional sports products for numerous regional sports networks as well as some national networks, including College Sports Television (CSTV).

Currently, SportsDay produces more than 10 shows projected to generate more than $1.5 million in annual sales.

To accomplish great things, one must dream as well as act. Sportsday Productions





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